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Cancer Supportive Care Spotlight

IP Blog | Dave Melin | February 17, 2016

cancer supportive care handsThis week in health care trends, our cancer supportive care spotlight includes: Atul Gawande argues for the necessity of palliative care to alleviate suffering, and what happens when family members and physicians collide over supportive care decisions.

Quantity and Quality of Life: Duties of Care in Life-Limiting Illness

This article by doctor and author Atul Gawande notes research showing that “the amount of suffering that people endure in their last year of life is considerable” and argues that better use of and education about palliative care is needed to address this.

“Whatever My Mother Wants”: Barriers to Adequate Pain Management

This article takes an in-depth look at a case study where “a family member prevents the patient from receiving adequate pain management at the end of life despite interdepartmental and interdisciplinary efforts” to highlight the importance of “understanding and addressing fears regarding opioid use and implementing an integrated approach including oncologists and palliative care physicians.”

Impact of a Palliative Care Checklist on Clinical Documentation

A study of whether a specific palliative care checklist (PCC) would help improve patient information documentation found that the checklists improved clinical documentation in 5 out of 6 areas.

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