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Cancer Research, Clinical Trials, and Drug Costs

IP Blog | Dave Melin | January 2, 2017

BioBlog Weekly oncologyIn this week’s BioBlog we look at advancements in cancer research and clinical trials, and the high costs of cancer drugs limiting the availability of it to patients.

TSU Cancer Research Aims to Reduce Disparities

A current research project at Tennessee State University is studying what creates higher cancer rates in specific groups compared to the rest of the population.

Clinical Trial for Rare Blood Cancer is Bringing Hope to Cancer Research

A clinical trial in Wisconsin shows promise is the treatment and remission of a rare blood cancer.

Nottingham Scientists Make ‘Breakthrough’ in Cancer Research

This article highlights a new technique that researchers have developed to look at live cells to aid in cancer diagnosis.

Breast Cancer Sufferers to Be Denied Revolutionary Life-Extending Drug Due to Cost

Due to a decision by the NHS, breast cancer patients will not be given the drug Kadcyla that could extend their lives due to the high costs.

Experimental Brain Cancer Treatment Is a Success

Time reports that research in immunotherapy continues to show promise in the treatment of various blood cancers.



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