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Cancer Drug Costs, Part B Demo, and Value-Base Care

IP Blog | Dave Melin | December 26, 2016

BioBlog Weekly oncologyIn this week’s BioBlog we look at the cost and regulation of cancer drugs, the outlook for value-based care in the new administration, and the Part B Demo.

In Closely Watched Case, Colombia Cuts the Price of a Novartis Cancer Drug by 44 Percent

The Colombian government moved to reduce the cost of the cancer drug Gleevec, in an effort to make the medication more affordable to its citizens.

Ono Warns on Profit After Government Halves Price of Cancer Drug Opdivo

“Ono Pharmaceutical Co. cut its annual profit outlook by a quarter on Wednesday, hit by the Japanese government’s decision to halve the price of cancer drug Opdivo”

We Need To Tame The Price Of New Cancer Drugs

Since 1965 there has been a 100-fold increase in cancer drug costs. Since 1990,the cost for new cancer drugs has gone up ten-fold.

As Trump’s HHS Secretary, Tom Price Could Slow Shift To Value-Based Care

Forbes reports that they expect Trump’s nomination for HHS to slow the move toward value based care.

CMS Confirms It Will Not Move Forward With Part B Demo

In this article ASCO reports that CMS has decided not to move forward with the Part B demo, but looks forward to working with the new administration to create beneficial policies.

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