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Cancer Drug Costs and Development

IP Blog | Dave Melin | April 9, 2017

BioBlog Weekly oncologyIn this week’s BioBlog we examine the process to develop and bring new cancer drugs to market. The new drugs come at high price, creating a lot of debate and chatter on the best way to control and lower these prices.

The Cost of Cancer: New Drugs Show Success at a Steep Price

Immunotherapy drugs continue to show promise in cancer treatment, but costs remain very high.

FDA in Debate over Developing Pricing New Cancer Therapies

At the forefront of recent seminars is the FDA process to develop and get new drugs to patients, the value of these drugs, and the high costs.

Cost of Cancer Drugs Out of Control

In order to reduce and control drug costs there needs to be greater competition in the market, however this is a slow process given how long it takes to bring new drugs to market.

Joe Nocera: Drug Lobby Getting Touchy About Drug Prices

Will the pharmaceutical industry soon face the same public mutiny that the tobacco industry and Wall Street faced in the past? Without drug pricing control, it’s not just legislators expressing their opinion on the matter.

Tesaro Won’t Reveal Price of Its Ovarian Cancer Drug. But It’ll Likely Be Near $14,000 a Month

The newly approved ovarian cancer drug, Zejula, is likely to come at a higher cost than it’s competition since it is part of the PARP inhibitors class.

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