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The New Frontier of Physician Reimbursement Reform

IP Blog | Dave Melin | January 26, 2014

BioBlogWeeklyThis week in healthcare, ASCO and COA release a joint statement setting forth ambitious goals for oncology-related reimbursement reform.

Principles to Guide the Evolution of Health Care Payment Systems that Support High-Quality, High-Value Cancer Care [PDF]

In a joint statement, the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) and the Community Oncology Alliance (COA) issued a list of six principles as a “joint statement on payment models that support high-quality, high-value cancer care.”

The above statement came at the conclusion of a long-running, five-part series on physician payment reform that has been written and published by ASCO. The series gives a thorough background on the issues surrounding physician payment reform.

Part 1: Oncology Practice: Front and Center in National Payment Reform Debate
Part 2: Sustainable Growth Rate: An Outdated Prescription for Medicare Payment
Part 3: Physician Administered Drugs — The Evolution of Buy and Bill
Part 4: Payment Reform Models Explained
Part 5: A Proposal for Patient-Centered Payment Reform

Congress Is Poised To Change Medicare Payment Policy. What Does That Mean For Patients And Doctors?

There have been signs in both houses of Congress that the SGR — “sustainable growth rate” — may soon be repealed. This Q-and-A piece explores Congress’s proposals as well as the potential effects of reform on both doctors and patients.

Medicare Physician Payment Reform: Will 2014 Be the Fix for SGR?

This author argues that, while a shorter (March 31st) SGR-patch renewal by Congress might signal that a larger fix is imminent, the piled-up cost of cumulative delays might prove a roadblock.

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