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CMS Releases Provider Payments Database Fulfilling ACA Mandate for More Transparency

IP Blog | Dave Melin | October 5, 2014

BioBlogWeeklyThis week in healthcare, CMS releases the Physician Sunshine database, a federal judge rules against ACA subsidies, and payers prepare for the next ACA enrollment period in November.

Drug, device companies paid $3.5B to doctors, hospitals

On Tuesday, CMS’s payment disclosure website went live with information about $3.5 billion worth of payments from companies to doctors and teaching hospitals in 2013. This is the fulfillment of the Physician Sunshine Act which became law under the ACA.

Federal judge rules against ACA subsidies

In the second ruling against ACA subsidies, an Oklahoma federal judge has ruled that “Affordable Care Act federal subsidies cannot be issued to residents living in states that do not run their own exchanges.” If this ruling is upheld, over 4.5 million Americans who were deemed eligible for subsidies may lose them.

How Payers are Getting Pathways all wrong in Medical Oncology

This creative and thorough analysis from a team working to build a medical home compares integrating pathways and electronic medical records (EMRs) to the quest for the mythical unicorn.

ASCO Calls for New Action to Address Obesity and Cancer

Last week ASCO released a policy statement calling for action to address the link between obesity and cancer in four particular areas: “increased education and awareness about links between obesity and cancer; development of new physician tools and resources; intensified and highly coordinated research; and policy changes to increase access to obesity screening, diagnosis and treatment.”

Despite insurance, 1 in 3 cancer survivors incur $10,000+ debt

A recent study released by the Washington National Institute for Wellness Solutions found that 65% of cancer survivors, or about 2 in 3, “did not have enough household income to cover treatment-related expenses.” Additionally, “six in 10 (62%) cancer survivors reported some medical debt after their cancer treatment” and 30% reported their debt was at least $10,000.

Feds, payers and states brace for ACA open enrollment

As the next ACA enrollment period approaches (it opens in November), payers and federal and state agencies are gearing up to accomplish two goals: get more people enrolled and retain and educate those already signed up.

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