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CMS Opens Proposed 2015 Physician Fee Schedule for Comment

IP Blog | Dave Melin | July 27, 2014

BioBlogWeeklyThis week in healthcare, a series of contradictions as two courts reach opposite rulings on federal subsidies for Obamacare enrollees. And, the 2015 guidelines for U.S. physician payment have been released by CMS for public comment.

How CMS’ 2015 Payment Proposals Will Affect Hospitals, Physicians: 5 Things to Know from Moody’s

Recently CMS released their proposed Medicare reimbursement rates for 2015. Hospital Review notes five important things to know and predicts that “Most providers will see a “relatively modest” increase in Medicare payments in calendar year 2015 under the proposed rules, according to Moody’s.”

You can read the full CMS proposal on their website, here. The proposal is open for comment through the start of September.

Healthcare spending paradox: National spending down, consumer costs on the rise

Although a study finds that healthcare spending nationally is slowing down, costs for the individual consumer are on the rise. “As healthcare insurers shift more risk to consumers–at the same time the country experiences modest wage growth–the average American now faces higher out-of-pocket and premium costs.”

Appeals courts differ on Obamacare; Supreme Court case likely

In the same week, two different appeals courts arrived at opposing decisions regarding Obamacare subsidies that affect over four million Americans. A panel of judges in a D.C. circuit court of appeals found against the federal subsidy portion of the law, while a circuit panel in Virginia approved the subsidies.

When Hospitals Buy Clinics, Prices Go Up

As many stakeholders work to lower costs in cancer care, one insurance company found that their costs were rising as hospitals bought up smaller clinics. “Cancer drugs, already expensive, often double in price when hospital systems charge for them.”

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