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ASCO CancerLinQ, Payment Reform, and Personalized Cancer Treatment

IP Blog | Dave Melin | May 25, 2014

BioBlogWeeklyThis week in healthcare, we take a closer look at ASCO’s initiatives around physician payment reform and patient access to personalized cancer treatment. Look forward to seeing you all in Chicago for the ASCO Annual Conference. (Tweet us @innovpartners if we’ll see you there!)

Consolidated Payments for Oncology Care: Questions & Answers [PDF]

Earlier this month ASCO announced its comprehensive proposal for physician payment reform. This document breaks down the proposal into a series of questions and answers that flesh out the specifics of how the proposed system would work, how patients would benefit, and what effects the plan might have on the healthcare world.

Using Patient Data for Personalized Cancer Treatments

While advocating for payment reform, ASCO is also continuing to push forward on their “National Access Program”, whose goal is to improve patient access to personalized cancer medicines. This article discusses the role of data aggregation in creating personalized cancer treatment pathways, including ASCO’s CancerLinQ.

Implementing personalized cancer care [subscription required]

In this article, ASCO’s Chief Medical Officer Richard Schilsky, MD, provides more details of his vision for ASCO’s CancerLinQ program. He says the program would be for therapies administered to patients with advanced cancer who have exhausted standard treatment options and describes the process by which physicians and patients would utilize the system.

Paying for Prescribed Drugs in Medicaid: Current Policy and Upcoming Changes

The Kaiser Family Foundation gives a thorough overview of Medicaid reimbursement, from the ins and outs of current policy to forecasts about upcoming policy changes in the near future.

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