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Oncology Patient Advocacy Spotlight

IP Blog | Dave Melin | February 10, 2015

This week in health care trends, our spotlight on oncology patient advocacy includes life lessons from cancer survivors, information about International Childhood Cancer Day, and the results of an opinion survey about potential Medicare spending cuts.

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oncology patient advocacy buttonCaught Off-Guard by Breast Cancer: First Impressions

In Psychology Today, a woman shares her experiences after being diagnosed with cancer. Most notably, she shares the prevalence of waiting, the pros and cons of being able to read all about it on the internet, and the sense of yearning to be able to forget about cancer for a day.

Making cuts to Medicare: the views of patients, physicians, and the public

With cancer-related costs continuing to rise, a study published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology set out to discover how patients, physicians, and the public feel about potential cost-containment measures. Their findings? “The majority of respondents view Medicare costs as a substantial problem and that all players in the system, including providers, contribute to high costs. Most thought Medicare could spend less without causing harm. Overall, respondents strongly favored not paying for more expensive treatments when cheaper ones are equally effective.”

20 life lessons from cancer survivors

This article profiles the founder of the Cancer Survivors Club, a website set up to collect the stories of cancer survivors, and shares twenty life lessons to be learned from some of the stories shared on the site.

International Childhood Cancer Day

February 15th is International Childhood Cancer Day. Here, at ICCD’s website, you can learn about the day’s sponsoring organization (Childhood Cancer International) as well as its partners around the world and their goals for this year’s awareness day.

Cancer Symptoms: The 10 ‘Red Flag’ Warning Signs

A new study by Cancer Research UK sheds light on the top ten “red flags” that people might miss, but that might signify a warning sign of cancer.

Pregnant with Cancer: One Woman’s Journey

NPR shares the story of a woman who found out she was pregnant just after being diagnosed with breast cancer. Amazingly, she persevered through chemotherapy AND pregnancy to deliver her healthy second child.

February is Heart Month

For heart month this February, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention outline various resources and tips for heart health.

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