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Oncology Patient Advocacy Spotlight

IP Blog | Dave Melin | October 22, 2014

This week in health care trends, our spotlight on oncology patient advocacy includes updates about more difficult access to medicines, patient advocacy in Washington, and “Movember”.

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Trade Talk Documents Suggest Access to Medicines May Become Harder

After a recent document leak posted by WikiLeaks, some advocacy groups are concerned that new international trade proposals may limit access to medicines for patients in poorer countries. The policy in question currently allows countries to “issue compulsory licenses to a generic drug maker allowing it to copy a patented medicine without the consent of the pharmaceutical company that owns the patent.”

Movember and the Importance of Patient Advocacy

In this funny and insightful post, urologist Dr. Rajiv Singal shares how participating in “Movember” can not only raise money for prostate cancer initiatives, but also provide a starting point for important conversations about screening.

Are brighter days ahead for patient advocates in Washington?

This opinion piece takes a look at legislative health measures over the years, and argues that although there has been a slowing of progress in the past, a spate of recent victories — and the promise of Congress’s still-in-process “21st Century Cures” initiative — indicates that “for patient groups willing to innovate, create and collaborate, opportunity abounds.”

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