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Oncology Clinical Pathways Spotlight

IP Blog | Dave Melin | February 3, 2015

This week in health care trends, our spotlight on oncology clinical pathways includes updates about the immunotherapy debate, the impact of lower investment on innovation, a tool that compares in-network pricing, and high-cost drugs being put in a specialty tier.

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oncology clinical pathways buttonCosts of Immunotherapies Continue Debate

Experts continue to wait with bated breath to see what kind of impact immunotherapies will have on the market. This article from Targeted Oncology examines the arguments surrounding the high cost of immunotherapies and asks, “What is a fair price for a cancer drug?”

The Decline Of Venture Capital Investment In Early-Stage Life Sciences Poses A Challenge To Continued Innovation

In this Health Affairs article, the author analyzes the cycle of policy, regulations, and innovations and argues that “Policy makers can foster renewed private investment into critically needed early-stage products by increasing Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) funding and public support for clinical trials in targeted areas of interest; creating regulatory pathways to enable early testing of experimental compounds in limited populations; and offering economic incentives for investors and developers in designated therapeutic areas.”

Could This Pricing Tool for Consumers Disrupt Healthcare?

Amidst all the recent upheaval around high health care costs, Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina has just unveiled a tool that one Forbes writer thinks could be a game-changer. What is it? “It’s an online tool that the general public can use to compare in-network pricing for specific procedures by provider and location.”

Tweet: Olysio & Sovaldi

In a recent tweet, Zitter Health shared a chart showing that high-cost Hepatitis C drugs Olysio and Sovaldi, which have spent a lot of time in the headlines recently, are “being placed on a specialty tier by 17% of commercial plans.”

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