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Big Data in Oncology

IP Blog | Dave Melin | February 18, 2015

This week in health care trends, our spotlight on big data in oncology includes updates on CMS’s new oncology care model, the Precision Medicine Initiative, and a petition in protest of high cancer drug costs.

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big data cancer buttonCMS Oncology Care Model Names NCCN Guidelines as High-Quality Care and Evidence-Based Recommendations

CMS’s recently-announced oncology care model (OCM) requires treatment to be consistent with nationally-recognized guidelines, such as those set by NCCN and ASCO. In a statement, the CEO of NCCN said, “NCCN Guidelines recommendations are the standard of oncology care in the United States, and we encourage practices to participate in OCM and further high-value, evidence-based cancer treatment.”

MD Anderson doctor planning online petition against cancer drug costs

The debate over high drug costs continues to rage. But one doctor — the chair of MD Anderson Cancer Center’s leukemia department — is planning an online petition that he hopes will gain a million signatures, which he would then use as leverage to persuade Congress to allow governmental negotiation with drug companies.

Precision Medicine Initiative and Cancer Research

In his recent State of the Union address, President Obama mentioned the launch of the Precision Medicine Initiative. Here, the National Cancer Institute shares details about the initiative, including clinical trials, information systems, and associated ongoing NCI programs.

National Healthcare Quality Report, 2013

Published this past May, the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) shares its annual National Healthcare Quality Report. Highlights include statistics about the mortality, prevalence, incidence, and cost of cancer (in general, breast, and colorectal); numbers on the rate of obesity in the US; and the demographics of palliative and supportive care patients in the US.

Engaging Health Care Consumers: The Lowe’s Experience

A new study by the National Business Coalition on Health has found that “it appears that employers are not giving up on providing health insurance to their employees — even with the availability of health care exchanges.” To dig into this phenomenon, HealthAffairs takes a thorough look at Lowe’s and their journey to engage their employees around health care.

How Open Data Can Reveal — And Correct — The Faults In Our Health System

This article takes a look at what conclusions can be drawn from the Medicare data released to the public in spring 2014. These authors examine trends that occur in the data, such as regional practice variations, reimbursement differences based on site of care, and the utilization rates of certain treatments and procedures.

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