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Big Data in Oncology Spotlight

IP Blog | Dave Melin | March 10, 2016

data stethoscopeThis week in health care trends, our big data in oncology spotlight includes: a never-before-seen big data oncology partnership and some best practices recommendations for precision medicine.

Moffitt’s M2Gen Works to Advance Cancer Research with Data Partnership

Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa, Florida recently announced a partnership with patient info site PatientsLikeMe geared to “combine real-world, patient-reported outcomes with molecular and clinical data to give researchers a broader view of the many factors that affect outcomes. It’s the only collaboration researchers are aware of that combines all three types of data at this large a scale.”

Precision Medicine: “This is the Future of Oncology”

Recently the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine (NASEM) committee released a report entitled “Keys to Unlocking Precision Medicine” that dives into recommendations for “the crucial nuts and bolts of precision medicine: biomarker tests and molecularly targeted therapies.”

Health Care Needs to Do a Better Job Encrypting Data: Report [login required]

There is much discussion on the power and potential of massive amounts of health data to help us learn more on our way to curing cancer and other diseases — but how can we make sure that data is used and accessed properly? This article suggests that the health care industry can do more to ensure that data are properly encrypted.

Understanding the Strengths and Weaknesses of Public Reporting of Surgeon-Specific Outcome Data

While reporting surgeon outcome data might sound like a helpful step toward patient empowerment and transparency, this article suggests that “public reporting of surgeon-specific mortality data… may have unintended consequences that include causing surgeons to become risk-averse, discouraging innovation, having an impact on training, and prompting “gaming” in health care.”

Will Big Data Revolutionize Oncology Like the Microscope Revolutionized Infectious Disease?

This article argues that “like the invention of the microscope back in the 16th century opened a whole new universe to the medical world in terms of fighting infectious disease, big data technology has the potential to revolutionize oncology so patients can experience the full benefits of personalized care for improved patient outcomes.”

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