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Big Data in Oncology Spotlight

IP Blog | Dave Melin | October 28, 2015

data stethoscopeThis week’s big data in oncology spotlight: NCCN releases guidance to help physicians and patients determine the value of drugs, Mitra Biotech’s move to India pays off, and The Economist explores the impact startups are having on what it means to own a company.

Is This Cancer Treatment Worth It? New Tool Offers Patients Data

NCCN is releasing a set of supplemental guidelines that “will provide patients with guidance about the cost of drugs used in their treatment, helping address a concern for many people undergoing a major medical event — what the financial repercussions of their condition are.”

Mitra Biotech’s Personalization of Cancer Care with Technology Made in India

Mitra Biotech, a cancer drug testing company co-founded by professors from Harvard and MIT, moved to India to maximize its ability to do personalized medicine; “six years later they’ve got a billion dollar valuation propelling them forward.”

Reinventing the Deal

When we think of how a company is run, we may have a specific picture in our minds. But the many successful startups in the United States are reinventing what a successful company looks like: “The most distinctive aspect of America’s vibrant startup sector is the way the ownership of companies is structured” — namely, contracts.

What Telemedicine Can Do for Your Aging Parents

As telemedicine grows and spreads, more is being learned about its benefits. A recent study of over 800 patients with either congestive heart failure or COPD found a “65 percent reduction in number of hospital admissions, 72 percent reduction in number of Emergency Room visits, and 95 percent reduction in number of walk-in clinic visits.”

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