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Big Data in Oncology Spotlight

IP Blog | Dave Melin | September 3, 2015

This week in health care trends, our big data in oncology spotlight includes web-based patient engagement, the power of data, Medicaid ACOs, and innovations for the oncology practice model.

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big data cancer buttonA Crowdsourced View into Engaging Patients

A recent study by CVS has found that “somewhere between 37-57 percent of patients are interested in using web-based tools to fill prescriptions, track their own health, and access health information, but few (4-8 percent) actually do it.” So where’s the disconnect? This athenahealth article argues that enrollment is key and that patient engagement is possible — with effort.

AHRQ Issue Brief: Harnessing the Power of Data

This article from the Agency for Healthcare and Research Quality (AHRQ) delves into big health data mining practices, how to leverage data for personalized medicine, and how AHRQ has used data in the past to improve outcomes for patients with inflammatory bowel disease, surgical procedures, and joint replacement.

New Jersey’s Approach to Medicaid ACOs is an Experiment Worth Watching

This article digs into how New Jersey has approached ACOs and what others can learn from their experiment and the interactions between their MMCOs (Medicaid Managed Care Organizations) and their Medicaid ACOs.

Eight Ways to Innovate the Oncology Practice Model

This article from McKesson offers eight practical tips for oncology practices. Among them, “Hire genetic counselors”, “Collaborate with medical specialists outside of oncology”, “Offer evening and weekend practice hours”, and “Hire or retain data analytics experts to fully exploit the power of Big Data”.

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