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Big Data in Oncology Spotlight

IP Blog | Dave Melin | November 2, 2016

data stethoscopeThis week in health care trends, our big data in oncology spotlight includes articles that inspire us with new ways of using information as an employee benefit, exploring health frontiers, expanding practice offerings, and building new partnerships around the world.

IBM’s Latest Employee Benefit: Medical Advice from Watson

Ebn reports in this article that IBM will offer its employees and their families access to Watson’s oncology suite, which gives cancer patients a second opinion through data collected from medical records and genomics testing.

Kantar Health Combines Big Data, Oncology Expertise

The company says the new service ‘tracks every oncology medicine in development by company, mechanism of action, tumor type, geography and stage of clinical development’.

Medbanks and IMS Health Establish Broad Partnership Agreement

Together, Medbanks and IMS will aim to establish and implement data standards that will unlock the commercial and clinical value of oncology-related clinical data by ensuring collection of the highest data quality while enabling interoperability and analyzability of such data both within and outside of China.

Patching Desktops and Wrangling Genomes: Meet the Pioneering CIO Who’s Bringing the Fight to Cancer at Fred Hutch

This article from GeekWire tells of Matthew Trunnell, a soft-spoken Midwesterner and former carpenter is leading the charge at Seattle’s prestigious Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center to use cloud computing power to help eradicate cancer.

CancerLinQ Data Lake Gathers Electronic Records of 1M Patients

In this article from HealthITAnalytics, we learn how the information that the CancerLinQ has on over one million patients will allow oncologists to access more big data analytics insights.

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