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Big Data in Oncology Spotlight

IP Blog | Dave Melin | September 7, 2016

data stethoscopeThis week in health care trends, our big data in oncology spotlight includes articles that instruct us to “reuse and recycle”, GPS, recommendations from the Moonshot panel, and more.

Cancer Cures Could Already Exist In Big Data

“Reuse, and recycle” is a famous saying of the environmental movement, but cancer researchers might learn a thing or two from that mantra as well.

Phoenix Children’s Hospital Selects NantHealth’s Molecular Testing Platform and Comprehensive Suite of Software Solutions for Precision Cancer Care

“NantHealth’s GPS Cancer test and expansive healthcare IT portfolio provides us with the rich set of clinical and technical solutions to deliver the most advanced care possible for our patients,” said Robert L. Meyer, President and CEO, Phoenix Children’s Hospital.

Obama’s ‘Moonshot’ Panel Lists 10 Ways To Accelerate Cancer Research

To come up with its recommendations, the committee organised several working groups involving some 150 experts, who focused on such topics as paediatric cancer, improved data sharing and clinical trials.

Stanford Explores Case for Code of Ethics to Tackle Big Data’s Deluge in Higher

Mitchell Stevens, a sociologist and associate professor at Stanford Graduate School of Education (GSE) states, “All of this data has the power to redefine higher education”.

Computer Simulation Reveals P53 Weak Spots and Opens New Avenues Against Cancer

“Our work sheds light on the molecular features underlying p53 DBD stability. The new knowledge can be used to develop strategies for stabilizing p53 and diminishing its tendency to form amyloids,” says Elio A. Cino, first author of the study.


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