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Big Data in Oncology Spotlight

IP Blog | Dave Melin | July 15, 2016

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This week in health care trends, our big data in oncology spotlight includes: articles that discuss how continuing to collect data as technology improves expands understanding, corrects misunderstandings and provides new discoveries.

Significant Expansion of Data Available In the Genomic Data Commons

“This major infusion of data in the GDC will greatly enhance our ability to use this tool to explore genetic abnormalities in cancer,” said Douglas Lowy, M.D., NCI Acting Director.

Scientists Just Discovered We’ve Been Looking at Cancer Growth All Wrong

This article reports on a new study that has found evidence that brain tumours use fat as their preferred source of energy, bringing into question the decades-long assumption that sugar is their main fuel source.

Leukaemia Drug Shows Potential for Rarer Type of Ovarian Cancer

The study reported on in this article outlines the incidental discovery of a leukaemia drug that is creating opportunities for the battle against a rare type of ovarian cancer.

Healthcare’s Value Based Purchasing – A Data-Driven Revolution

Several associations are supportive of the VBP concept, but question how practical it would be to implement and practice. This article outlines the issues.

CancerLinQ Big Data Analytics a “Powerful Tool” for Oncology

In this article, Robert S. Miller, MD, FACP, FASCO, and Medical Director of CancerLinQ at ASCO shares the benefits and objectives of CancerLinQ.

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