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Big Data in Oncology Spotlight

IP Blog | Dave Melin | June 10, 2016

data stethoscopeThis week in health care trends, our big data in oncology spotlight includes: the launch of a Genomic Data Commons for the Cancer Moonshot, why new tech doesn’t necessarily mean more profits, and highlights from the 2016 ASCO Annual Meeting.

Why an Integrated Network of Genomic and Clinical Information on Cancer is Essential

This article, written by two NCI directors, lays out the plans for the Genomic Data Commons (GDC), a massive database of cancer patient information that “will provide a powerful tool for discovery using cancer genomic and clinical data” as part of the Cancer Moonshot initiative.

Why the Economic Payoff from Technology is So Elusive

“Technology optimists” argue that the benefits of new technology will outweigh the investment needed to get them up and running, while “technology pessimists” instead say that “the current crop of innovations does not yield the big economic gains of breakthrough inventions of the past, like electricity, cars, planes, and antibiotics.”

Artificial Intelligence “Outsmarts Cancer”

In a study presented at the recent ASCO Annual Meeting, US biotechnology company Berg says data from recent clinical trials shows “a drug developed using artificial intelligence can slow the growth of cancer.”

Can You Really Spot Cancer Through a Search Engine?

This week Microsoft published a study in the Journal of Oncology Practice suggesting that it may be possible to spot cancer symptoms by analyzing search data: “it was able to mine the anonymized search queries of 6.4 million Bing users to find searches that indicated someone had been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer (such as “why did I get cancer in pancreas,” and “I was told I have pancreatic cancer what to expect”). Then, looking at people’s search patterns before their diagnosis, they identified patterns of search that indicated they had been experiencing symptoms before they ever sought medical treatment.”

Richard L. Schilsky, MD, on Highlights of the 2016 ASCO Annual Meeting (video)

In this short video, ASCO’s Chief Medical Officer shares his thoughts on some of the biggest topics of the recent ASCO Annual Meeting: biosimilar, immunotherapy, and big data.

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