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IP Blog | Dave Melin | April 2, 2017

BioBlog WeeklyThis week’s BioBlog features articles about Immunotherapy Biomarkers, Trump Vows to Explode ACA, Cancer and Immunity, the Benefits of Early Palliative Care and more.

Diving Deeper Into Cancer Immunotherapy Biomarkers

Looking at the future of immunotherapy one main obstacle remains: determining which patients will benefit from it.

Affordable Care Act Remains ‘Law of the Land,’ but Trump Vows to Explode It

With failure to pass the healthcare reform bill, Trump looks to let Obamacare implode on its own.

Beyond The Cycle

Looking into the Cancer-Immunity Cycle, which breaks down and simplifies how the immune system creates an attack against cancer into seven simple steps.

Early Palliative Care Improves Outcomes for Family Caregivers of Cancer Patients

Research suggests that introducing palliative care early not only benefits patients but also has a positive impact on family caregivers by reducing depression symptoms.

Why Better Data Sharing is Needed to Aid Cancer Research

This article indicates that data sharing is being hampered by the lack of infrastructure and appropriate methods to manage data exchange.

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