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American Health Care Act, Nominations and Confirmations, ASCO Special Awards

IP Blog | Dave Melin | March 19, 2017

In this week’s BioBlog we look at the new details and projections for the American Health Care Act, the confirmation of Seema Verma and the nomination of Dr. Scott Gottlieb for FDA commissioner. ASCO has also announced this year’s recipients of the ASCO Special Awards.

CBO: Republican Healthcare Bill Would Reduce Federal Deficit—but Millions Fewer Would Have Insurance Coverage

The Congressional Budget Office has released it’s score of the American Health Care Act, highlighting the changes in coverage and costs over the next several years.

24 Million More Would Be Uninsured Under GOP Replacement Plan By 2026

If passed as is the replacement bill for Obamacare would leave 24 million more people uninsured, but it would also save $337 billion by 2026.

Confirmation of Seema Verma as CMS Chief: Industry Reaction

Upon the confirmation of Verma, industry leaders reacted and had mostly praise for Verma.

Community Oncology Alliance Strongly Supports Nomination of Dr. Scott Gottlieb as FDA Commissioner

The Community of Oncology Alliance supports the nomination of Gottlieb who is a drug policy expert and should provide excellent leadership in the position.

ASCO Honors Researchers, Scientists for Significant Advances in Cancer Treatment and Care

ASCO has announced the researchers who are the recipients of this year’s ASCO Special Awards. These researchers are leading the way in improving and changing cancer care and treatment.

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