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Reducing Drug Costs, Value-Based Care, and Precision Medicine

IP Blog | Dave Melin | February 12, 2017

BioBlog Weekly oncologyIn this week’s BioBlog we learn about new and continued efforts being made to reduce drug costs, the continued effort toward value-based care and evaluating treatment effectiveness, as well as the obstacle of the high costs of cancer treatment.

Report Commissioned by COA Explores “Murky” World of Pharmacy DIR Fees

In this article we look into a recent report that explores the questionable payment of rebates to pharmacy benefit managers after the claims have already been paid out in full by CMS.

Academics Call Time on $100,000 Cancer Drugs

Reuter’s reports that academics are pushing for those that make new discoveries in the cancer drug industry to license them to smaller companies that agree to price capping as opposed to Big Pharma.

ASCO Tracking Action on Capitol Hill; Advocating for Cancer Policy Priorities Amid Unknowns

ASCO provides an update on key issues that they have been monitoring since the new administration took office last month.

PINKERTON: Trump Lays Down the Law to Big Pharma, Embraces the Cure Strategy

In his first month in office Donald Trump sat down with Big Pharma executives and discussed his outlook for healthcare and the key components of the Trump Cure Strategy, topping the list drug costs being too high.

Quality Measures Are Key to Supporting Drug Value

In this article the need for outcome measuring in various value based care models is discussed in an effort to determine the value of various treatments and drugs.

Precision Medicine the Future of Cancer Care, but Cost Remains a Major Barrier

Even though precision medicine is considered the optimal choice for the future of cancer treatment, the high cost creates a barrier. There needs to be a reduction in the cost of care to make it a viable option.



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