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Innovation in the Home Care Model, Urgent Care, and Big Data

IP Blog | Dave Melin | December 11, 2016

BioBlog Weekly

This week’s BioBlog is stocked full of current articles on innovative home care models, urgent care just for cancer patients, and much more.

Cancer Medical Home Model Cuts Costs, Improves Care

One doctor’s medical home model, known as Come Home, grew out of her observation that every time she sent cancer patients to the hospital, they would come out in worse condition.

Moffitt Cancer Center Unveils Plans for Future Expansion

“The plan to create new research buildings and a new clinical support building allows our researchers to build on the tremendous success they’ve had with developing new treatments,” said Alan F. List, M.D., Moffitt’s president and CEO.

Hopkins Expands Urgent Care to Cancer Patients

One cancer patient’s husband encourages Johns Hopkins to open an Urgent Care for cancer patient and they listen.

Newly Developed CancerLinQ Discovery™ Translates Big Data into Practical Knowledge for Cancer Community

CancerLinQ Discovery will provide highly curated, de-identified sets of clinical data with the objective of creating new clinical knowledge and improving patient outcomes.

Senate Passes Cures, Setting Stage for Regulatory Rethink on Combination Products, Device Premarket Approval Process

This article from Fierce Biotech states that, ‘some observers fear the legislation will pressure the FDA to class combination products as devices, putting them on a regulatory pathway that is ill-suited to assessing their safety and efficacy’.

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