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3 New, Innovative Cancer Care Collaborations That You Should Have on Your Radar!

IP Blog | Dave Melin | April 18, 2016

BioBlog Weekly oncologyThis week in healthcare: announcements of new and innovative collaborations between GE Ventures and Mayo Clinic; IBM and American Cancer Society; and Flatiron Health partners with both Celgene and Amgen.

Flatiron Health Announces Strategic Relationships with Celgene and Amgen to Further Advance Personalized Medicine for Cancer Patients and Accelerate Clinical Research

Health data startup Flatiron Health has announced “an expansion of its relationships with Celgene Corporation and Amgen Inc” in order to further the goals of “accelerating clinical research, advancing personalized medicine and enhancing treatment options for cancer patients.”

GE Ventures and Mayo Clinic Launch Platform to Bring Internet of Things to Cancer Research

GE Ventures and Mayo Clinic recently announced the launch of Vitruvian Networks, whose goal is
accelerating access to cell and gene therapies to treat cancer” by using “Mayo Clinic’s data-related to biomarkers, cell therapy processes and clinical outcomes to guide further development of personalized therapies.”

IBM and American Cancer Society Want to Create the Ultimate Cancer Advisor

IBM and the American Cancer Society recently announced the launch of the Watson Health Initiative, a collaboration that will leverage IBM’s Watson supercomputer to create a personalized, interactive cancer advisor for cancer patients.

Six Startup Lessons Every Founder Should Know

At a recent Stanford entrepreneurship symposium, five innovative founders — including the founders of Netflix, Instagram, and SIRUM, a nonprofit that redistributes unused, unexpired drugs to clinics — shared important lessons they’ve learned that every founder should know.

Cancer Survival Rates Higher at Academic Medical Centers, Study Says

A recent study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association has found that “Patients treated at specialty cancer hospitals have a 10 percent lower chance of dying in the first year than those who receive care at community hospitals.”

Napster Co-Founder Bankrolls Project to Speed Cancer Work

“The newly created Parker Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy is being funded by a $250 million grant from Sean Parker, the co-founder of the file-sharing site Napster and Facebook’s first president. It brings together partners at six top academic cancer centers, dozens of drugmakers and other groups.”

The US Oncology Network Annual Conference Empowers Oncologists to Prepare for Value-Based Care

This article summarizes key topics from the recent US Oncology Network Annual Conference, including “change management and innovative programs, technologies, resources, and strategies developed by The Network to help oncology practices prepare for the transition to value and team-based care models.”

A Simple Tool to Ease Cancer’s Side Effects

A recent study suggests that cancer patients who sit near a bright white light 30 minutes a day may experience “significant improvements in relieving symptoms of depression” and exhaustion associated with cancer treatment.

Facebook Tracking Cancer Sites for Advertising Purposes, Lawsuit Alleges

A lawsuit recently filed against Facebook alleges that “Facebook is capturing medical information via online searches performed on [cancer-related] sites, and that that information was then used to target those users based on a condition, breaking the Federal Wiretap Act, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act as well as several state privacy laws.”

NCCN Panel Assesses Health Care Policy Winds in an Election Year: Payment Reform, Data Sharing, and Patient Access

A roundtable panel discussion at the recent NCCN conference addressed some of the challenges a new president will face in managing health and cancer care, specifically “ how to pay for therapeutic innovations on the horizon and ensure patients have access to them.”

Report: US Medicine Spending Up 8.5 Percent 2015

A recent report from IMS Health estimates that “patients, insurers, government programs and other payers spent a combined $309.5 billion last year on prescription medicines” — up 8.5 percent from 2014, which is a slightly smaller increase than in 2014.

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